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You can get an advance loan before your refund is available


+ YOU CAN GET FROM $500 - $6,000

+ Qualify for as early as January 28th

+ When you can't wait weeks for your tax refund

+ Helpful if you are impacted by PATH Act refund delays

+ Receive your refund even faster, on a Walmart          MoneyCard.  Also available by check.

How it works

Request a Fast Cash Advance loan when your return is prepared.  Approved loans are issued before the refund is available.  If you select a Walmart MoneyCard, you will be notified when your money is ready.


+ Available as early as January 28th thru February 28th.

   Ask your tax pro for details.

+ Most loans approved within hours.


No fee for loans that are 25% of your refund.  There is an interest fee of 36% APR for loans that are 50% or 75% of your refund.