Can you get FREE Tax Preparation?

Some companies advertise free tax preparation.  Is it really free? As the old saying goes “You get what you pay for.” We notice that many of the free places charge for items that they don’t show you in the ads. Examples, multiple W2s, state returns,  dependents on your return and on and on.

Click this video to learn all about 2019 tax changes.  

2019 Tax Highlights

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   *Drop Off Service

 Do not want to wait? No problem. Stop in any time to use our convenient  drop off service. You still will have a Face to Face to sign and complete the return before we electronically file your return.


 We use state of the art tax software to prepare and file the most accurate return.  To determine the price for each return, we will calculate how much time it will take to complete.  Some returns require more time than others.  "Oh my return is easy.  So what would it cost?"  Our base price if you DROP OFF your information is $69.00 to prepare and e-file a basic federal and one state return having no more than two W2s. If there are any schedules associated with your return they may change the fee charged.  




    * We Double-check Each Return 

   We take pride in offering professional, accurate tax preparation services.  Every return is prepared and double-checked by two preparers before it is e-filed.  

    *Service after your return is completed

  Express Tax Place tax professionals live in this community and look forward to seeing you out and about. We have been serving our area for more than 25 years.